• superhuman Teams & their Mental Models

    Nurture COMPASSIONATE and HIGH-PERFORMING teams for forever
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A First of its kind, immersive game based learning program focussed on mindful mental models, that help UPGRADE ONE'S REASONING and DECISION MAKING skills. 

6 Core Modules

  • Mutual Trust and Respect
  • Seeing the Big Picture
  • Overcoming Cognitive Bias
  • Accountability in the face of uncertainty
  • Creative Confidence
  • Winning Friends and Influencing People

6 months

30 hours

6 Games

30 models

Who should attend?

It is ineffective to train hand picked members from various teams. Train as a team, and THRIVE for life. 

Project Team

Execute projects like a winning team, and get things done. 

Sales & Marketing

Persuade like a star, build client  relationships and win people. 

Product Team

Think creatively, and design new innovative features and implement them

All Teams

Add mental models to your team members' toolkit, and grow them

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4 in 1 Advantage

  • Game Therapy - games act as Stress Buster.
  • Boosts Team Spirit - games get people together. No need for a separate employee engagement budget.
  • Getting people to train becomes easier - as games attract them.
  • Discover 30+ mental models through play, instead of boring lectures and incomplete online courses.

Why Us?

  • We offer the world's first game-based behavioural coaching via mental models.
  • Our games embed MIT researched HSX framework at their core.
  • Our past customers have experienced reduced attrition, increased engagement, and drastic improvements in team performance.
  • Suited for both in-person and virtual trainings.

Why Train for Mental Models

Play, Learn and Grow!

Build a culture of Happy Learning at work with MADIEE Games and watch your people and business Grow.

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