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The Challenge


According to LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report 2021, L&D leaders #1 priority is to train their people on essential human skills, but it is increasingly becoming difficult to make employees, particularly, Gen Y and Z to get interested in training. Not that they are disinterested, they are very curious to learn and grow, but they are bored of conventional teaching methodologies. 

#1 priority: Human Skills

89% of employee firing - are due to lack of human skills

Conventional trainings are BORING

25% is the average online course completion rate. Nearly 3/4 of the money invested is getting drained. 

Training Done; No Change

Leaders see that too much knowledge is being transferred, but there is hardly any change in people. 

Our Solution


Our research backed games, attracts people to learn, and  the game experiences help draw out various mental models through observation and reflection, and prepares them to be get better in higher-order thinking skills, socio-emotional skills, self-management and leadership

Nurturing Human Skills

Serious Games focussed on training for Human Skills, with emphasis on Thinking, interaction, self-awareness and leadership. 

Attracting Learners through Play

Games is the pedagogy of the 21st century learning, and nothing beats the experience of realtime multi-player gaming as a learning methodology. 

Practical Learning via Mental Models

Our training approach is centred around powerful mental models, and they are proving to be effective in shifting mindsets, and transforming people.

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