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    Helping People and Teams THRIVE through GAME BASED BEHAVIOURAL COACHING centred around MENTAL MODELS. 

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our purpose

Shifting the focus from Content Centred Formal Learning to Human Centred Holistic Learning Experience. We design immersive game experiences focussed on nurturing innate human skills, guiding people at workplaces on 'How to Think, Interact, Self-Manage and Lead like a SOOPERHUMAN'. In MADIEE programs, through guided reflection, leaners discover powerful MENTAL MODELS, that help UPGRADE THEIR REASONING and make BETTER DECISIONS. 

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We bring together the world of behavioural science coaching, immersive gaming and mental models, for making learning fun and impactful. 

Equip your team with mindful MENTAL MODELS, that help enhance their creativity and innovation, problem solving approach, collaborative practises, and take your team from GOOD TO GREAT. 

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