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Are you worried about growing Employee Disengagement at Work ?

Lack of human skills and disengaged & emotionally exhausted employees at the workplace, lead to increased attrition and poor productivity, and are proving to be a great threat to organisations worldwide.

Did you know?


Employees NOT engaged

1 in 3

Quits due to Boredom


Hires fail due to lack of Human Skills

Training for HUMAN SKILLS is key to Employee Engagement, but conventional training does not work

  Conventional Lecture based trainings, and online e-learning courses are proving to be highly ineffective, as they are boring and disengaging, and thousand of dollars are going waste due to this inefficiency. 


Lecture based Training


Average Online course completion Rate


We design and deliver game experiences that engages your employees  and also train on their human skills through collaborative play. 


More profitable with engaged workforce


Increase in Revenue with Good Company Culture


Excitement towards Learning

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How to get started?

Our plan for maximising people's potential at work


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How to learn the game rules?

The game sessions will be facilitated by MADIEE Experts, and the game rules are briefed during the session. It takes just 2 -5 minutes of Game demo to understand the game rules. 

Can employees play these games alone?
MADIEE Games are NOT video games that people play against computer. These are multiplayer real-time games intended to bring people together, and hence these games are not played alone. 
How many people can play these games together?

It depends on the game. Our range of games can handle multiple people, from 10 people to even 100+ people. But for true engagement, we recommend a batch size of 20 participants. 

Do we need to install any software or buy any special gadgets to play these games?

No software downloads or installations are required to play these games. These are web based games, and people can easily join a game using a weblink, and a corresponding game code. People from anywhere across the world can join and play these games together. 

What is the duration of the game session?

Our game experiences ranges from 60 min to 120 min. It can be customised as per the requirements. 

Why are these games called Serious Games?

Games with a purpose or learning objective are called as 'Serious Game'. Our games are seriously fun and highly entertaining, and are designed around specific principles, with an objective to enhance uniquely human skills.  

Can these games be replayed?

100%. Our games are designed for replay-ability, as human skills are like muscles that needs to be trained regularly.  Hence, we are very keen on making our games replayable, and people feel challenged every-time they play the game. 

How often are these sessions conducted ?

We regularly conduct these gaming sessions for a given organisation on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, based on the requirements. 

Can we book your gaming session only once?

Yes, absolutely. But most of our customers are more keen on having us as engagement and human skills training partner, and buy these gaming sessions in packages for a year or two. 

What is the level of complexity of these games? Can senior leaders play these games as well?

The user interface of our games are very intuitive, and are designed keeping all our stakeholders in mind. These games can be played by anyone age 14+ with ease. Our expert facilitators make the game onboarding experience very simple. 

Play, Learn and Grow!

Unlock your people's potential with MADIEE Games and watch your business grow!

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