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The Challenge

Traditional Corporate Training Methods are FAILING

Traditional teaching methods are falling short, especially in the realm of soft skills training. And with organizations increasingly prioritizing the development of #soft skills, including creative thinking, social interactions, self-management, and leadership, the task of designing engaging and effective learning programs have become daunting for L&D leaders.  


1 of every 3 employees says that uninspiring content is a barrier to their learning.  


Learning solutions are centralized, generic, and not collaborative / participatory.   

No Application

Only 12% of employees apply new skills learned in L&D programs to their jobs                     
Our Solution

Making Learning Truly Enjoyable and Effective

Our holistic approach integrates behavioral science, games, and mental models to create a unique learning experience that leverages game dynamics to elicit desired behaviors, engages learners through interactive gameplay, and fosters lean learning through the use of practical mental models

Behavioural Science

In all of our Serious Games, the Game dynamics are crafted to bring out various behaviours and group dynamics at work, thereby simulating a safe work environment to learn from experience. 


Well designed Games are fun. We have designed and curated Games that engages & attracts people to learn through immersive experiences.

Mental Models

Our learning programs are designed around key mental models, that focusses on the core of learning, thereby promoting lean learning for efficient knowledge acquisition

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