• transforming people's mindset through serious play 

    Business isn't all fun and Games. But Fun and Games can build great businesses. 

Why Game based Learning?

Say, you are interested in learning about 'Confirmation Bias'. You can know what is confirmation bias, by reading about it or by watching videos. But nothing beats the experience of yourself being put up in an environment (a safe and engaging one!), where your decision making falters, and upon reflection, you understand that it was because of your confirmation bias. There is a huge difference between knowing something and understanding something. Game based learning creates that safe environment - a game, for you to learn through experience, and have loads of fun.   

"Over time, the games we play can change how we think and what we are capable of. And it is easy to maximise the benefits, so the changes are positive"

Jane McGonigal
Director of Games Research & Development, Institute for the Future


We are NOT A ONE-STOP SOLUTION for all your organisations L&D needs. We have only limited programs, but each and every one of them is built with empathy and in an application oriented approach. Take a peak into our world of game based learning programs. 


Crafted for Senior Leaders, Innovators and CXOs, to help them in their big picture thinking, strategy, and to enable critical conversations. 

Leaders Circle

Designed to hold space for leaders to come together and discuss the organisation's critical action point over a board game, instead of a bored room. 

Game Thinking + Design Thinking

Crafted for Innovators, Business Strategists, UX/Product Designers,  and Champions of Change within Organisation. Clear understanding of Human centred Gamification helps master strategy, innovation, change and the art of getting things done.


Crafted for Potential Leaders, who are transitioning from doing to getting things done, and Young Leaders keen on developing their people management skills and passionate about developing and inspiring others.

First Time Managers

Crafted for Young talents to lead teams with trust and to build synergy. In this journey, they understand powerful mental models, that help thinking in systems, upgrade their reasoning and manage efficiently. 

Diversity & Inclusion Focussed

Overcoming Conscious Bias

Designed for Growing Leaders, to make effective decisions without relying too heavily on intuition and flawed reasoning. Learners fight these unconscious biases by learning to spot them and use research driven techniques to overcome them.


Crafted for Teams just getting started or transitioning from Good to Great. 

Cross Functional Team Special

Building Trust and Collaboration

To turn a mediocre, or good, company into a great one, it all comes down to trust and respect in the workplace. This module strengthens the mutual trust and respect among your team members, and takes them away from a competitive to collaborative mindset.

Freshers Special

Sowing Growth Mindset

Mindset is everything. With a growth mindset, learners understand that they can change over time, and therefore they are more open to reflect, learn and grow from challenges, and failures. 

Innovation & Lateral Thinking in Business

Designed for creative teams, and also to teams looking for creative solutions. Practising Lateral Thinking builds ones' creative confidence. That is, even when people aren't sure, they have the energy and will to keep pushing forward, to be undaunted when ideas don't work, to keep trying new ideas. 

Sales & Business Development Team Special

Art of Persuasion & Negotiation 

Persuasion and Negotiation are delicate art forms, built on human Psychology. Practising them, can help you get more of the things you want faster than anything else you do. This program is both a practise and reflective ground for this art. 

Looking for more details about the program?

No amount of detailing will do justice to the experience. Give us a chance to showcase the game based learning experience for real. Go ahead and schedule a meeting. Let's speak and play some games.