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What are Serious Games?

Serious games are games with primary goal to transfer knowledge, or the stimulation of behavioural change or conducting research, and not made entirely for entertainment. Despite serious being in the name, serious gaming is equally as engaging and entertaining as commercial gaming.

Our Most In-Demand Games

We are designing and curating world-class 'Serious Games' from across the globe, to bring a positive change in the way people learn. The games are compatible for virtual, in-person and hybrid training models. All games are multi-player and synchronous (ie. played in teams/groups, and in real-time) and are hosted by expert Facilitators, with a passion towards 'Making a Difference in Educational Experience' (MADIEE). 

Flow Game

It offers a unique way to work with questions that matter and a powerful question is a doorway into a new perspective. 

Fishy Equilibrium

The game challenges players to build trust, resolve conflicts and lead teams in a game of uncertainty.

The Mavericks

A thrilling challenge, where players unearth various cognitive biases, and understands the impact of jumping to conclusions. 

So Farm So Good

Game simulates crisis situations, and the need to practice accountability, open communication, responsiveness, and trust.

Boxoffice Bubble

Game encourages you to challenge assumptions and explore strategies to ‘Expand the pie’. 

Saving the Boss

Game with dazzling puzzles, it bring out people's skills of observation, communication, creativity and leadership.


Game focuses on selecting and prioritizing information and making decisions based on insufficient data and validating hypotheses.


The game encourages people to persuade, build trust, synergise, and hustle their way to the top, in a market place. 


The game creates an environment that tests ability to deal with VUCA, think strategically and lead teams with authenticity.                                                            

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