We envision a world where learning is truly enjoyable, people learn for the joy of learning itself, and people are acting on top of their true human potential and thriving together. Our passion is to craft world-changing games that make learners play, think & learn powerful mental models and thrive for life. 

We are MADIEE. Together, We are Making Difference In Educational Experience. We are deeply committed to transform people in organisations, academic institutions, and anyone from anywhere across the globe, to achieve transformative success using the power of play. 

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Bringing  people from the world of Mental Models, Behavioural Science and Immersive Gaming together.

Senthil Kumar G

Founder & CEO

Senthil is a Scientific Researcher turned Game Designer, and a Game based Learning Facilitator, and is passionate about creating meaningful games that help people unleash their potential through play.

Senthil brings over 11 years of experience in scientific research, 'Serious game' design and professional facilitation and coaching. He is the most sought after facilitator in organisations worldwide, and his clientele includes the Fortune 500 companies, Unicorns and emerging startups. In addition to his own games, he is also certified in various International serious games and business simulations from across the world. 

He graduated from the esteemed College of Engineering Guindy, and started his career as a scientific researcher with DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation), and IGCAR (Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research), and later went to pursue his research studies in Nanofluids in University of Birminghan, under the UK India Research Initiative. Fuelled by his interest for liberal education, he was selected to pursue Liberal Arts and Leadership under the prestigious Young India Fellowship (YIF), from Ashoka University.  He also graduated from Harvard Business School in credentials of Readiness, and holds dual certifications in Gamification and behavioural science. He was introduced to the world of Board Games by his friend Ramalingam, a marine engineer, and together, built a board game community in Chennai and co-hosted 500+ board games. 

He was chosen as a  facilitator in  the 10th edition of Jagriti Yatra,  an ambitious train journey of discovery and transformation that takes hundreds of India's highly motivated youth, from all over India and world, on a 15 day, 8000 km national odyssey to meet the role models - social and business entrepreneurs - of the country. His games were presented in 'Transforming Education Conference for Humanity', organised by UNESCO-MGIEP. He is recognised as a 'Young Social Entrepreneur' by the Singapore International Foundation, and also won the Youth Speak Summit award 2019. 

He led MADIEE Games to be awarded as the 'Top 5 Innovative Startups' by the Government of Tamil Nadu 2019, and recently, MADIEE Games is declared as the Winners of Toycathon 2021, among 17000+ Game entries, in a national wide challenge for Games,  organised by the Government of India. 

His favourite pastime include trekking in lush green forests,  cooking delicious food, and reading non-fiction books. 

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Amelia Duff

Professional Instructor

Daniel Hudgens

Professional Instructor

Lisa Park

Professional Instructor

Hanna Kent

Professional Instructor

Robert Louis

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Bob Sanchez

Professional Instructor

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