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Games that help people grow

At MADIEE, we design games and create game experiences that make people collaborate, think, laugh, celebrate and grow!

One of our main goals is to shift learning from whiteboards to gameboard, and to make learning fun again. As children, when we were sitting on our mother’s lap, she taught us through play, but unfortunately, as we got older, learning became more of a task - something that is hardly enjoyed, and it continues to remain so.

We believe that learning is most effective when it is experiential, interactive and fun, and games are best in recreating this ideal environment. Through MADIEE’s real time, interactive multiplayer games, we are passionately bringing this method of learning to companies worldwide.

Leadership Team

Team where academic researchers and game designers put themselves in each other's souls. 

Senthil Kumar G

Founder & CEO

Senthil is an academic researcher turned game designer, and is passionate about creating games that help people unleash their true potential through play. Over the past decade, Senthil has walked in many shoes, from a nanofluids researcher to a computational fluid dynamics analyst to a Liberal arts evangelist, and finally has found solace with his newfound love for game design and entrepreneurship. He has been a part of Jagriti Yatra, UK India Research Initiative (UKIERI) and Harvard - Ashoka Fellowship. He is also certified by Harvard in credentials of readiness (CORe), and holds dual certifications in Gamification and Behavioral science. He is an alumnus of the College of Engineering Guindy, and the recipient of the prestigious Young India Fellowship, and bootstrapped MADIEE Games in 2017.

Vikas Badami

Co-Founder & COO

Vikas, an alumnus of NIT-Calicut, founded Scicopath, a socio-educational initiative addressing over 10000+ students from over 25 institutes. He was listed among the top 21 global scholars for the School of AI Fellowship in Italy in 2019. He has been part of Tech leaders fellowship, Jagriti Yatra, Barefoot-edu, UC Berkeley's Global Venture Catalyst, Ecoversity Alliance and Harvard US India Initiative.

Gnanavel Mutharasu


Gnanavel, an alumnus of Indian Institute of Science (IISc), is a Bioinformatician, high performance computing and linux enthusiast. He leads the infrastructure development and game architecture design of MADIEE Games. He is a recipient of Indo-US travel award, and is presently pursuing his PhD in computational systems biology from Tampere University, Finland. In tandem, he is also pursuing his MBA from Tampere University.

All Course

Our Instructors

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Amelia Duff

Professional Instructor

Daniel Hudgens

Professional Instructor

Lisa Park

Professional Instructor

Hanna Kent

Professional Instructor

Robert Louis

Professional Instructor

Bob Sanchez

Professional Instructor

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