Unleash the Human Potential at Work through PLAY

# 1 Priority of organisations is training for Human Skills – LinkedIn 2018 Workplace Learning Report

#1 Challenge : Getting Employees to make TIME for Learning

Lack of Time actually signifies lack of Interest, due to lack of engaging pedagogies. 

The available modes of Training – Lecture based and Online courses fail to create any interest in learners and are highly disengaging and ineffective, particularly for teaching the ‘Human Skills’.

Play to Learn : Experience HOHO Learning

Hands-On & Heads-On learning, an effective learning methodology,  using MADIEE’ exclusive Experiential Games. 

At MADIEE, we convert theories and frameworks into Experiential Games that enhances one’s higher order cognitive, social and emotional skills. 

Game Based Learning

Our games are fun and experiential, and each game is designed towards a specific learning outcome.

Cloud Interface

Games can be played both in physical classroom and remote webinar settings, anywhere and anytime.

Collaborative Games

Human skills are best learned through collaborative learning, and we made all our games collaborative.


hire us

Hire us to deliver a ‘Workplace Transformation’ Programme using our exclusive experiential games, in multiple byte sized (1-3 hrs) sessions or in a 2 day bootcamp format.

partner with us

Corporate Learning service providers (Individual trainers, training organisations, E-Learning and LMS) can enhance their offerings by bundling up their solutions along with our Experiential Games.

Some of the great companies that experienced our offerings

"MADIEE came across as a very unorthodox team. By their gaming methodology, the assimilation was much more simplified, authentic and faster"
Neeraj sharma
Vice President HR, Fourkites

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