MADIEE' Unique Serious Games

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Act quickly to defuse the bombs in time

Built on the foundation of 4Cs (Creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration) of 21st century skills, Secret Bomb Squad helps understand perspectives in communication, and the drawbacks of Leadership Tunnel vision.

amazing observer

It’s time to know ‘Who am I’

Built over the concept of ‘Johari Window’, this activity helps improve self-awareness, communication and trust in your team, by simply opening up yourself.


Your moves are already decided

Built over the concept of ‘Nash Equilibrium’, this game helps understand game theory, and its application in various business strategies and decision making.


The one who is empathetic wins.

Inspired by the ‘Empathy map canvas’, the game pushes you to get into someone’s shoe, and the challenge is to find that ‘someone’. A great game to build the user persona through empathy.

design for me

It’s design thinking with no feasibility analysis.

A game that challenges your creative self to design crazy products for your customer. A great game to practise empathy and appreciate product-market fit and user centric design.

thinking & fatqueen

Practising a way of thinking

A game tool that makes thinking simple and effective. A creative game tool that helps you master group discussion and brainstorming.